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CO.ME.T. IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI has been operating in the sector of treatment of fodder and fibrous products for 40 years, andis now a leader in the field. Active co-operation with customers and ongoing investments in research enable us to ensure constant improvement of our machinery.

Our primary aim is to satisfy the various demands of our clients and the market by offering a range of solutions.

Six main features make CO.ME.T. IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI machinery an efficient and safe system for users:

  • detailed design
  • meticulous attention to detail
  • scrupulous testing
  • qualified personnel
  • continued innovation
  • constant search for quality and safety.

CO.ME.T. IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI designs and builds complete systems and machines for:

  • grinding and shredding fodder and fibrous products of vegetable origin;
  • dehydration and cooling;
  • treatment of fibrous by-products with chemical agents;
  • production of complete zootechnical feeds and fodders;
  • the production of fodder-based COMPLETE FEEDS and/or suitably treated and integrated agricultural and agro-industrial by-products, and concentrated liquid and solid feeds;
  • storage, mixing and distribution of liquid zootechnical feeds (liquid feeds);
  • recycling and reusing by-products;
  • production of pellet from BIOMASS.

Thanks to our expert technicians, CO.ME.T. IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI can offer:

  • In-depth consultancy services, designs and estimates for special machines; and systems for specific requirements, customized to provide the most efficient and economic solutions.
  • A complete service including design, construction, assembly and testing of systems.
  • The possibility of rebuilding and renovating existing systems.
  • Technical assistance on plant, theoretical and practical personnel training, and consultancy in the agricultural, zootechnical and agro-industrial sectors.


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